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   "He was not the sort of writer who spent every waking hour at a keyboard.  Drawing on an encyclopedic knowledge of science, technology, magic, weaponry - the list goes on and on - he could produce in four hours what it takes most writers to produce in eight.  His office overlooked the Severn River, near Annapolis, Maryland, and was entered by way of a Japanese trellis."  

James Luceno, life long friend, fellow writer, and the other half of Jack McKinney.


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The Gamma L.A.W. series of books was published after Brian's death; he'd been working on them for many years, but it was James Luceno who edited them. (Click here for "A Labor of Love", an article published in Annapolis' Capital on June, 18, 1998.)

"The location and technology of future wars may change dramatically but soldiers of every era will recognize the warriors Brian Daley so vividly portrays in this realistic, exciting, and thought-provoking saga. From the opening paragraph--perhaps the most skilled lead into any combat story yet written--to the conclusion, this is SF at its best."

--Lt. Col. Michael Lee Lanning, US Army (Ret.), author of The Only War We Had, Inside the LRRP's, and Inside Force Recon.

GammaLAW-Smoke on the Water
Click here for an excerpt.

GammaLAW A Screaming Across the Sky
Click her for an excerpt.

GammaLAW The Broken Country
Click here for an excerpt.

GammaLAW To Waters' End
Click here for an excerpt.

Book Description (From Amazon for the third book, but similar scenes abound in each of the episodes. For the whole trilogy deluxe edition click here.)
Luke Skywalker returns to Tatooine to build a new lightsaber with the Adegan crystals * Threepio confers with Arica, Jabba's dancing girl who is secretly the Emperor's Hand, Mara Jade * Disguised as the humble sand skiff guard Tamtel Skreej, Lando Calrissian plots with Princess Leia in anticipation of Luke's arrival at Jabba's palace * The Millennium Falcon narrowly escapes the Imperial blockade of Tatooine * The Rebels outline their strategies in the Alliance briefing room before launching the fateful assault against the second Death Star
The six episodes of this new radio dramatization script are packed with crucial new scenes and colorful dialogue. And a behind-the-mike introduction by the one and only C-3PO, Anthony Daniels, offers us a rare glimpse into the recording studio, highlighting the challenges they faced in bringing this thrilling sci-fi classic to life on radio with only sound effects, vivid descriptions, and the actor's voices to set the stage and maintain the thrilling pace.
The story of Return of the Jedi is back as you've never seen it before. You just may never look at Star Wars(c) the same way again!

Star War, a New Hope - radio drama, NPR

The empire Strikes Back, radio drama NPR

Return of the Jedi, radio drama NPR

Book Description
Han Solo trusts no one, and does no favors. But when the best illegal ship rebuilder in the galaxy disappears, Han and Chewbacca agree to go after him -- after all, the Millennium Falcon needs some very special repairs. Their search pits them against powerful and ruthless enemies out to destroy them, and finally leads them to an airless speck of desolate asteroid -- the Authority prison planet known as Star's End.
Han Solo's Revenge For a cool ten thousand credits, Han and Chewbacca will do just about anything -- except transport slaves. For one thing, it means an instant death sentence. So when a high-paying cargo shipment turns out to be a consignment of slaves, Han and Chewie have to think fast. But Han forms a plan to turn the tables on the slavers and free the captives. Then, good deed accomplished, he scours the skies for the nasty joker who set him up -- because revenge can be so sweet.
Han Solo and The Lost Legacy There's a fabled treasure at stake and a price on Han's head. So he and Chewbacca head for a planet rumored to hide undreamed-of riches. But once they get there, Han's beloved spacecraft, the Millennium Falcon, is hijacked by a band of assassins and killer robots. Their chances for survival are so slim, they might as well risk it all....

Han Solo Trilogy

Han Solo Star's End

Han Solo, The Lost Legacy

5 out of 5 stars THE GEM OF THE TRILOGY!!!!, August 12, 2002, an Amazon reviewer
First of all, you must know that Brian Daley has been my favorite author for several years and all his books have captivated me like no other books have (except the best of classic sci-fi/fantasy). Sadly, he was never that popular and most people probably don't know his works, excepting his Star Wars trilogy. Any of his books are good enough to be on the same shelf with The Lord of the Rings and Dune, and his style of writing has always appealed to me.
    In Jinx on a Terran Inheritance, this style is taken to the max. The humor and irony is there, and so is the action. This is also the longest of "The Trilogy" (for lack of a better name). Alacrity and Hobart are on their way to Blackguard, a planet infamous for its oppression of the weak and poor by the powerful, who made it into a theme park where they can play out fantasies such as being Lord of a medieval castle, etc. This is also where Hobart's inheritance, a ship called Astrea Imprimateur, is being held. With no idea where the ship is on the planet, or if it has fallen into an evil warlord's hands, they set out towards the planet with no funds, and no way to get there. Eventually, they get employed as breakabouts by a ship captain, and off they go. One of the funniest parts in any of the books is where they make a stop on a planet in the process of a funeral for the mayor of one of the cities or something like that. I won't give it away, but you'll get there soon enough....
    I don't think it's possible to dislike this book. Any fan of good sci-fi should get this, and anyone who calls himself/herself a fan of Brian Daley should already have it.
    Long live the Srillans!

Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds

Jinx on a Terran Inheritance
Click here for excerpt 

Fall of the Whiteship Avatar

News! Doomfarers & Starfollers have been republished.  So if you've worn your old copy out, now you can get a new one. Or purchase audio recordings at Books in Motion

5 out of 5 stars My favorite books, An Amazon Reviewer January 4, 2003  I re-read the Doomfarers and Starfollowers at least once every year. Mr. Daley was one of those authors who threw you right into the action within the first few pages and unfolded the history and detail as he went. Brian Daley served in the Army and it shows in the books attention to detail. I highly recommend.

Star Followers of Coramonde

The Doomfarers of Coramonde

  A Tapestry of Magics, a fantasy: The reluctant knight, Crassmore was fed up with knightly deeds of derring-do... The trouble was that he had an unfortunate talent for getting himself into the very center of any trouble that might come along.

Tron, a novelization of the Disney movie.  If you had trouble following the action in this ahead-of-its-time movie, the novel will be the guide you need.

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